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5 Miles North of Bismarck, ND On Hwy 1804

Welcome to Christian Equine Stables!

Our doors opened September of 2021 to fulfill a lifetime passion of working with horses.
Our main goal is a boarding facility however we will be rolling out in phases many more options.

Who are the owners you ask?

Owner/Operators - Thomas and Marilee currently Lifetime member of American Quarter Horse Association and the active member of Max Rodeo Association. Thomas and I own registered AQH stallions and mares which we breed every year. Thomas keeps busy with barn chores and keeping equipment up and running while every chance I get I am in the saddle enjoying life. We enjoy helping at any horse event we can attend.

Thomas Christian was born and raised in Virginia. He successfully owned and operated a turnkey home building and remodeling Construction Company for several years. He served his community by volunteering at the local fire department as an Assistant Chief. In 2005 when hurricane Katrina hit and FEMA sent out a request to all volunteer fire departments asking for help, Thomas answered that call and went to work for FEMA. During hurricane Katrina and the many hurricanes to following, he quickly moved up in position, eventually managing projects logistically supporting and overcoming the many challenges and needs that were associated with that critical time. To date Thomas has 30 plus years of management and understanding of daily operations, which will keep our facility in tip top shape. How did he get to North Dakota you ask? Well, if you ask him, he will tell you, "Why else would a man come here? I followed a woman."

That woman is me, Marilee Beavers-Christian. I grew up north of Minot, North Dakota on a small ten acre farm. Being located next to the Minot Air Force Base spurred my passion to share a love and desire of horses. My father who works at the Minot Air Force Base as a civilian would have young Airmen looking for something to do on weekends. He would invite them to come to the farm to help with various farm chores. I was given the opportunity to give riding lessons and take them on trail rides. My father along with several neighbors formed The Triple R Saddle Club. The club would do many weekend wagons and trail rides with once a year a weeklong trip. In 1989 the club rode from Minot to Bismarck for the 100 Year Anniversary of our great State of North Dakota and did this in four days. I would also train horses for others and help with all the needs to maintain a farm with horses, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, dogs, and cats.

While a teen I breed my mare to a Skipper W breed stud and a new passion was born. My family to this day has a granddaughter from that union. Also, during my teen years, I competed in 4-H, small rodeos, and fun day events. I even trained my own mare to jump in and out of the back of a pick-up truck with a stock rack in it, which I used to haul her to all the events. I even trained her to bow and sit.

When I entered the work force, my very first job I worked at a dog kennel. I spent summers on ranches in Nebraska working on haying crews, working cattle then would hire out during calving season in Montana to work some of the biggest ranches. Looking back, while at one of those ranches they had 1600 head for us to calf out and I remember on one twelve-hour shift, I alone had 54 newborn calves I tagged and vaccinated. I have also transported exotic animals and horses all over from Canada to California. Though it all I was working to this day, owning, and operating a horse boarding facility.

Now life may sound fun and easy for me but in 2005 things changed fast. Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf and I felt the need to volunteer when FEMA reached out for help. That volunteer time lasted nine and half years, during which I was only able to come home for one to two week breaks now and then. All the while, raising Quarter Horses and working with the family behind the scenes to keep everything at home in North Dakota going. During this time, I will tell you that God put me there at that point and time for a reason. While working in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2006 I became extremely ill. I went to the clinic and after several tests was diagnosed with cancer. I will never forget the day the Dr told me I have cancer. I remember seeing his mouth was moving but I did not hear a word. When the Dr told me, "You have 6 months to live if you do nothing or could try chemo, radiation, and surgery." I felt like someone pulled the plug and was drained of life and time. Over two and half years I was diagnosed 3 times with the grim news of cancer and fought to live with many struggles and awfully close calls. My Dr's were not even sure if I would survive. With the grim news I planned my funeral and wrote my will, making sure everything was taken care of for my family and would hopefully make it easier for them, if the worst were to happen. I remember evenings crying myself to sleep begging God to take me home. I felt I could not take any more. During all my treatments I continued to work for FEMA and was fortunate to be located near some of the best cancer facilities in the world. Like I said God put me there for a reason at that point and time of my life. To this day my Dr's say I AM A MIRICALE, and that God has a purpose for me. Today I am cancer free and loving life. I thank God every day for my unanswered prayers as well as for my answered prayers. I will find the positive in the worst and make you smile.

For now, I will be working behind the scenes until I am able to retire from my current job. My husband, Thomas will run the daily operations and I will be in on weekends to help with all the special events. Thomas and I both have a passion and love for animals. We have purchased a state-of-the-art facility that is setup perfectly to fulfill our desire to work with horses. First and foremost, your horses will be loved and cared for in the best interest of their health. I thank God every day for my husband and that I be working beside my best friend as we start this new adventure and fulfill a lifelong passion. We hope you come to love this place like we do and will become part of our barn family.