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Our horse boarding staff in Bismarck, ND is dedicated to your horse's comfort

Looking for a well-staffed horse boarding stable and facility for your horse to stay in? Christian Equine Stables in Bismarck, ND offers one of the most renowned horse lodging properties in the entire state. Located right off of the interstate, our facility is easily accessible and makes it effortless for you to find local hotels nearby.

Our mission is to operate a family-oriented facility through the offering of a full-service horse boarding stable that gives you more time in the saddle. Our beautifully laid out facility makes it fun to ride year-round. Our property features professional services that will meet your needs and considers the best interest of your horses.

Contact 701-557-3889 today and learn more about our horse motel and horse training area.

Enjoy unique benefits from an AQHA lifetime member

As a lifetime member of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), we offer exclusive benefits for our clients. At our state-of-the-art horse lodging facility, you can enjoy:
  • Exclusive programs
  • Exclusive competitions
  • Training courses
  • A top-tier horse arena

Our clients also benefit from our AQHA discounts. Christian Equine Stables offers competitive rates for both indoor and outdoor horse boarding stables in Bismarck, ND. You'll never second-guess leaving your horse at our gorgeous property.

Give Your Horse a Comfortable
Home While You're Away

Our horse motel offers all of the amenities your horse will appreciate

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Enjoy time with your horse

When you need to let your horse rest comfortably, our horse motel is the perfect spot in Bismarck, ND. The convenient location makes the drop-off hassle free and you can rest easy knowing your horse is in good hands.

We have a robust arena that is open to the public. You can ride and exercise with your horse at an elite level. Visit Christian Equine Stables today and give your horse a truly premium stay.